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Aug 7th 2007 The Luggage Fiasco

Perhaps not the best title for these pictures of Seth and Ethan sitting by the pool with Grandma and Grandpa but seeing my mom reminded me of our luggage nightmare. You see upon arriving in Cancun 9 of the 20 pieces of luggage that our group checked in never showed up. Apparently they never even made it out of the Salt Lake airport. So you think they would be prompt and get them to you by the following day. Nope. We arrived on Sunday and they didn't show up until Friday morning. I guess they made there way to LA and then onto Mexico City where they got stuck in customs. So when they finally arrived on Friday those who were without there luggage for five days, including my mom, were ecstatic to finally have clean clothes to wear.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Aug 6th 2007 Exploring Taninah

We stayed at this jungle retreat called Taninah. Here are some pictures of some of the buildings there and the boys climbing on the jungle gym. It was not easy keeping track of those two. If I just turned around for a few minutes they were gone. and for some reason I didn't feel good about letting them wander off in the jungle by themselves.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Aug 5th 2007 Leaving for Mexico

We left on our vacation in style! When you have to get 15 people to the airport and all of their luggage I guess there is only one way to go. In a stretch hummer limousine. It was fun to see people stare at it as we passed them on the highway. There were even a few people taking pictures of it as we passed by.