Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's a baby

Yes that's right were expecting a baby at the end of May. Perhaps we're a little crazy to be wanting another one when we already have two two year olds, but its too late now. The best thing of all though is there is only one little baby there. Not that we wouldn't have loved two. I just don't think I could have handled it.

halloween 07

For Halloween the boys dressed up as dinosaurs and Doug and I were cave people. We had lots of fun trick or treating and the boys sure loved all the candy they got. Seth couldn't decide which sucker to eat first so he took a bite of one and then another and another. I am surprised they didn't get sick with all the candy they ate that night.


If you look really close you can see mud smeared all over the window. Doug went to get the boys up one morning a few weeks ago to find them "coloring" on the window. The dirt in the window track had gotten wet and they thought it would be a good idea to color the window with it. To top it all off Seth had managed to take off his pajamas and diaper. Hopefully none of our neighbors saw our little stripper as he colored in the window.


While we were up in Idaho a few weekends ago, we spent some time visiting with some friends at one of those play zones for kids. The boys sure had fun playing in the balls and running through the obstacle course. It was good to get some of their energy out before the long ride home.


While in Idaho we went to visit my cousin Amy who has twin boys, Kooper and McKay, just two months younger than Seth and Ethan. They all thought it was great fun to jump through the holes on their trampoline. Seth and Ethan couldn't decide which kitty to hold so they just grabbed them, all and Kooper and McKay showed off their football poses.

Idaho 1

The first few pictures here are of Seth and Ethan sitting in a tree at my grandma's house. I remember the days when I used to climb that tree. I love all the trees at my grandma's house they bring back so many good memories of being young and carefree.

Chuck E. Cheese

So I should have posted these pictures a while ago. They are from more than a month ago when I spent the morning at Chuck E. Cheese with on of my mission companions, Misty, and her kids.