Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blessing Day

Last Sunday was Eden's blessing day. She looked very cute in her pretty white dress. I am sure Doug gave a beautiful blessing. However I didn't hear much of it because Seth and Ethan spent the whole time screaming because they couldn't go up with Daddy. So I spent most of it in the hallway with them.

Pig Hunt

Well I went down to Emery with my Dad and Erica's father Walt. We shot 2 pigs that were about 350 lbs each. This is just a little trick photography to make it seem like it is 3 times that.
In about a week we will have more pig than we eat. Good thing we found an upright freezer in the classifieds.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quiet Bliss when ALL my children are sleeping

So last night Doug posted a ton of pictures and while I have a few quiet moments while everyone even the baby is sleeping I will try to write comments about as many of the pictures as I can get to before someone wakes up. So if you have already looked at the pictures you may want to go back through the comments if you care to.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fishing with Uncle Jerry

My uncle drove out from Illinois for a visit and last Saturday they went fishing with him and grandpa. They had a great time and caught several fish. Ethan even went for a little "swim."


As a reward for filling up their "potty jar" with marbles we took the boys to chuck e cheese. They can't wait to fill up the potty jar again so they can go back. I think Daddy spent just as many tokens playing games as Seth and Ethan did. If not more.


Seth sure loves his baby sister. He likes to remind me that she is a "real" baby. Believe me I am reminded every time she wakes up in the middle of the night. At least there is only one baby to feed.


Some more cute pictures of baby eden in some of her adorable little outfits. Girl clothes are so fun.

They are excited to have a baby sister, but Iam not sure if I should trust that mischievous little smile.


The boys found their suspenders the other day and couldn't wait to put them on. They would wear them everyday if I let them. Seth has the blue suspenders and Ethan has the red ones.

More pictures of Eden

We got a Kitchen

Doug found this play kitchen at a yard sale , and boy were Seth and Ethan excited. Seth didn't say to much when Doug brought it in the house, but from the minute he saw it he was smiling from ear to ear. Maybe they will grow up to be chefs. Though I will be happy if they can just make their own "sugar-sugar" toast. (That's their word for cinnamon sugar.)


We spent the Friday after school got out at the zoo. It was a fun day and not too hot.

I love that smile!

We watched the bird show. It was the first time I had ever seen it, and it was pretty cool. Seth started calling it the bird ballet. I don't know where he heard about ballet.

What kind of animal are they?