Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bring On The Calories!

So it has been a while since I've blogged and I have tons of pictures to post, but that will have to wait until after I get my house cleaned. I do want to take a minute to post the latest Eden update after her check up yesterday. She was a trooper. She had to fast for an ultrasound. Which did not make her very happy. (Fasting nor the ultrasound.) Once she got used to it the ultrasound went well, and everything looked good. She had good blood flow, and no portal hypertension. Woo hoo!

Her check up with the Dr. went well and her labs look pretty good. Her total bili was 1.6. (That's almost to the high end of normal. :) Her albumin (a protein produced by the liver) was up to 3.3. Low albumin can contribute to ascites. BTW her ultrasound showed no excess fluid in her belly. Yay for diuretics and answered prayers.

The only down side to our trip yesterday, other than having to get poked twice for labs, was the issue of Eden's growth. Her weight is off the charts and not in a good way. Twelve somthing pounds just doesn't cut at seven months old. I have been worried about her eating habits for some time. She won't eat baby food and will only nurse for 5-7 minutes at a time. So after talking with a nutritionist we have a plan. She is now on a medication to help stimulate her appetite, plus we are now bottle feeding her so she can get extra calories. And as for solids the nutritionist recommended cheese puffs, sugar, butter, cheese, etc. The more calories the better. She has two weeks to gain weight or its feeding tube time, and we don't want that. But I'll do whatever it takes. Dr. Book said she is still hopefull this liver will work for her for many years to come, but she needs to get better nutrition right now in order for it to heal.

So when you see me feed my baby junk food. Don't worry. It's just what the Dr ordered.


a.men said...

Yeah for the overall good news! I am glad that she is doing so well. Have you tried Pediasure. My sister gives that to Kiera, because she too is small. (19lbs & 14 months) I wish that we could all have a diet like that!

Indiana Haffners said...

That is good news! I love the junk food diet! Too bad its not what any Dr. would order for me!
Oh, our address
1565 Burgundy Ct Elkhart IN 46514

Deanna said...

First Eden is beautiful. Second I will pray that she gains the weight needed. Take it from me feeding tubes are not fun--just this afternoon Morgan got mad at me for having to stop Grace's feed and pulled Gracie's feeding tube out!! If Eden does need a feeding tube I can give you pointers on the things that work for us to put them in.

mistyp said...

She does look like a sweet little girl! Yeah for junk food, huh?! ;) Glad your prayers are still being answered! You deserve them to be!