Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Going Home Tomorrow

So the plan is for us to head home tomorrow. Eden's sodium levels while still on the low side are improving. Also I now know how to place her NG tube and take care of it. She screamed like mad when I put it in. Who wouldn't? It is soooo worth it though. Now I know she is getting the calories she needs whether she takes them by mouth or not. Plus, it makes giving her meds so much easier. The nurses might have thought it was odd they I didn't seem to phased when they first put it in. Just goes to show how frustated I was trying to feed her.
As for how Eden is doing. She is still her happy little self. She is getting bored of being in this room though. Hence, we have been on many walks. She loves it when anybody talks to her. She is definitly a people person.


Jared said...

i wish we lived closer so we could come visit you. Glad to hear you will be going home. Hopefully you can get some sleep.

mistyp said...

Sounds like she's a sweet little girl! Just like her mommy, right?! :)