Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here's the Latest

So here's the latest in our never ending hospital saga. I really shouldn't complain. It could be worse, but I am tired of just sitting here and waiting to see what will happen next.
This morning the resident finally had an action plan. As long as no new fevers pop up and she pees well tonight (she got some strong IV diuretics this afternoon.) we may get out of here soon. Of course I won't jinx myself by saying we'll get out tomorrow, but soon will be good. Also, Eden's regular GI Dr will be on call this next week, which makes me sooo happy because she is much more proactive than the Dr that was on last week plus she already knows Eden's history.

Other than that Doug and the bo bo brothers (aka Seth and Ethan) came to visit us today. It was a nice break from the monotony. However the hospital is no place for two very active three year olds. That pull cord that they have in the bathrooms to alert the nurses is far to tempting to leave alone. Though after they pulled it twice last Saturday I was much more vigilant about keeping them away from it this time. They did however still enjoy moving Eden's bed up and down and playing in the closets.

So I will keep the blog posted with updates tomorrow. As soon as we get an ok to get out of here I am bookin it before something new pops up. We are now on our third complication for this visit. I don't want to add a fourth.


Chandra said...

We are praying for you guys! Little Eden is so sweet and beautiful! You can tell just from her picture! Keep doing all that you are! The Lord will bless you and your sweet family!

mistyp said...

Still hoping for the best for you! That is rough stuff that your friend posted about her little baby! Life is so fragile!

Emmy said...

Glad she is home now. And I can totally understand the pull cord thing, I don't think my 4 year old would be able to resist!