Sunday, February 15, 2009

A little update

So we are still at the hospital. They want to keep an eye on Eden's hematocrit and stool for any more signs of blood. She has decided she doesn't like the nasty formula (pregestamil) she is on and will not take any by bottle. So she is getting fed through a tube, but whatever works. She is currently only 12 pounds.
Hopefully we will be able to break free tomorrow. She did just throw up a little blood, but the dr's weren't to concerned considering her esophagitis. Right now she is playing with toys in her bed and has been a happy girl.


Deanna said...

You should ask about elecare vanilla---it is the best tasting formula out there and it is still broken down as simply as progestimil. It is quite pricey but I have like 14 cans that you can just have if you try it and it works. It is worth a try to see if she will drink it by mouth. Let me know.

Indiana Haffners said...

What a little trooper! Its amazing what little people can withstand. We're thinking of ya!