Wednesday, March 18, 2009

But I want to keep her.

So as I was folding laundry I was watching one of those baby shows on discovery health and the following conversation ensued.
Seth: I want another baby.
Me: Maybe in a few years.
Ethan: But then it won't be Eden.
Me: Eden will be grown up so it will be a new baby.

The boys go to play outside for a while and then Ethan comes back in.

Ethan: But I want to keep her.
Me: Who?
Ethan: Eden
Me: She's not going anywhere.
Ethan: But she'll be all grown up and go.
Me: Don't worry she'll still be here just like you.

Glad to know he loves his little sister.


Carrie said...

He has such a big heart for a little boy. I love him!

Emmy said...

That is so cute!

mistyp said...

What a sweet conversation to have written down! :) Cute kids!

Sarah Moffitt said...

So Cute!

Dave and Steff said...

so cute!