Friday, March 27, 2009

Eden back at Primary Childrens

Eden had a high temperature all night Wednesday, got up between 102-103. Erica took her up to the hospital. She probably has Cholangitis (liver infection). Waiting for the blood result to come back. Started an IV antibiotic already. Hopefully it will just be a short stay not 12 like last time. If it is Cholangitis they will most likely put a PIC line in and send us home with antibiotics to finish at home.

So looks like she has Cholanitis and a bladder infection as well. Until those go away then cannot have a pic line put in or it will just infect it. She is on 3 different antibiotics so hopefully she will respond quickly.


Emmy said...

So sorry. Hopefully she gets all better soon.

Jenn said...

You all must be so exhausted of hospitals. I hope she improves soon.

mistyp said...

Oh, man! We'll keep her and all of you in our prayers again! I agree with Jenn's comments!