Monday, April 13, 2009

Four Months, Four Hospital Stays

So far this year Eden has been admitted to the hospital at least once a month. She broke her Thursday streak and was admitted yesterday, Easter Sunday, with fevers. We're still not sure what is causing them, but drs believe it may be a virus. Her liver numbers still look good so it is not likely that it is another case of colangitis. Phew. Her WBCs, neutrophils, and platlets are all low. Which indicate that it is likely a virus, but that leaves her with not much to fight off a bacterial infection if she were to get one. So she is on antibiotics as a precaution.

On a happy note we have a private room this time. Which means more rest for Eden and me. Plus as an added bonus we have one of the only rooms on the unit with a shower in the bathroom. That means I don't have to traipse through the halls in my pjs to take a shower like I'm living in the dorms again. :)Also, Eden's regular GI Dr is on call this week. So at least I don't have to re-count everything that has been going on lately.

I will have to get some Easter pics up here soon. Because although the day didn't end well it started out good. The boys had lots of fun looking for eggs and Papa had lots of fun teasing them with Easter Bunny "sightings." BTW according to the boys the Easter Bunny is brown. You learn something new every day.


mistyp said...

Hope she gets over this one quickly! We'd love to see pics of Easter when you have time! I thought the bunny was white, but what do I know??? ;) I think I trust their word more! :)

Deanna said...

oh Erica, I'm so sorry that you are there again...I know how frustrating this must be for you. We are suppose to be up there tomorrow for a "simple" same-day surgery procedure, tell me what room you're in and if we have time we'll come by.