Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom Your Hair Looks Funny!

So last Saturday I spent some time alone and got my hair cut. I like it, but all Ethan could say after looking at me strangely for a few minutes when I got home was, "Mom your hair looks funny." He didn't just say this once either. No he had to keep reminding me over and over again how funny my hair looked. Doug kept telling him,"no your supposed to tell Mommy she looks pretty", but he wouldn't budge.
(Notice the dark circles under my eyes. Yeah I could use some more sleep.)


Emmy said...

Well despite what your kids said I think it looks great!

Jennifer said...

Kids are so funny. Don't know why they have to repeat thing over and over again. I, however, do like your new hair cut. Looks good.

mistyp said...

I have to disagree with him! I think you look sooooo cute! That cut frames your face so well!

Briel keeps telling me she wants me to get my hair cut so it flips out again. Obviously she doesn't like the way I have it now. Why are kids so opinionated about their mother's hair??? :)