Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Trend

So we're back up at Primary's. Eden is now 5 for 5 this year. With a hospital trip in Jan, Feb, Mar, April and now May. She has had a fever for the last few days and her labs came back a little off, Bili is up and Sodium and Potassium are LOW. At first we suspected colangitis, liver infection, but we're not quite sure that is what is going on. So we wait. Her potassium has gone up this morning and her fever has come down with the help of some Motrin, and she is sleeping soundly right now. The only other concern is that her oxygen levels were dropping into the 80s and below last night as she fell asleep. So we sucked out her boogies, put her on oxygen and went down for some chest x-rays. She is now off the oxygen and her levels are staying in the 90s. Not sure what was going on there but glad she is off the O2. I was afraid for a second that it may become a permanent thing.

In the meantime we will meet with speech this morning and possibly do a swallow study later to figure out why she won't eat. I am excited about this because she is definitely interested in food but she just doesn't swallow it. It will be nice to have some answers hopefully.

Also, while she is here we are going to start some of the pre-transplant evaluation. I have mixed emotions about this, but I know of some many kids who are doing well post transplant and it will be nice to have her finally growing and doing well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Multiplication Hair Cut

Glad we didn't leave it this way.

Only 4 were brave enough to touch the head.

Oh Yeah!
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Head Shaving 2009 Video

My first YouTube

Teacher Appreciation Week

My Room was definitely decked out between PTA and my room mom.

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Matthew's Birthday ~ Chuck E Cheese

On the way to 1000 tickets!

Good thing they can't drive for another 12 years.

We got him a kite.

Matthew turned 9.

Cub Scout Hike

For cub scouts we took a hike up tp the Spanish Fork cross. I think we all had a good time.
Taking in the great view.

Align Center
Whoa boys, not so close to the edge!

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Funny Hat

Anything can happen when the boys dress themselves.

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Crazy Kids

There's a reason he is not a princess.

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Body Art

You gotta hand it to them, drawing that well on themselves.

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Llama Fieldtrip


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Spirit Day

We were really trying for spirit day. I brought my 9 extra shirts and we all took a picture with them on. That is why a few look big on the kids.
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So Tired

Poor girl, she can fall asleep anywhere.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Three Little Pigs

We had a little fun with tape this afternoon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eden's Latest

So Eden's clinic visit yesterday didn't go quite as I expected. Because Eden is not growing well at all, spleen is getting larger, chronic ascites and she has shown some early signs of hepatopulmonary syndrome Dr Book would like us to meet with the transplant surgeon next time we go in. She also mentioned she is in no rush to get her transplanted at this point but would like to get the process started including the evaluation for a living donor so that when the time comes every thing is ready and we can get her transplanted before she gets too sick.
I know this is the road we are going down, but I was still a little shocked to be hearing this yesterday because her labs have been looking alright. Actually most of her labs have been looking pretty good. I guess we'll see what they are next week when I get them done. Anyway her Kasai is still working so we have some time.

Just a little update on some of the things she is now doing. She is crawling everywhere including up the stairs, pulling herself up and the other day she started walk pushing a stool around. My guess is that in the next couple monthe she'll be walking on her own. She is a happy camper as long as big brothers don't steal her toys from her. Goobers!

Here are some pics from Sundays Birthday, Mother's day, and mom and dad's 35th anniversary.

We love you mom. Want a squeezy hug?

Like my princess party hat?

opening presents

Playing with princess duckies.