Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eden's Latest

So Eden's clinic visit yesterday didn't go quite as I expected. Because Eden is not growing well at all, spleen is getting larger, chronic ascites and she has shown some early signs of hepatopulmonary syndrome Dr Book would like us to meet with the transplant surgeon next time we go in. She also mentioned she is in no rush to get her transplanted at this point but would like to get the process started including the evaluation for a living donor so that when the time comes every thing is ready and we can get her transplanted before she gets too sick.
I know this is the road we are going down, but I was still a little shocked to be hearing this yesterday because her labs have been looking alright. Actually most of her labs have been looking pretty good. I guess we'll see what they are next week when I get them done. Anyway her Kasai is still working so we have some time.

Just a little update on some of the things she is now doing. She is crawling everywhere including up the stairs, pulling herself up and the other day she started walk pushing a stool around. My guess is that in the next couple monthe she'll be walking on her own. She is a happy camper as long as big brothers don't steal her toys from her. Goobers!

Here are some pics from Sundays Birthday, Mother's day, and mom and dad's 35th anniversary.

We love you mom. Want a squeezy hug?

Like my princess party hat?

opening presents

Playing with princess duckies.


Emmy said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it, you always have so much on your plate. I hope everything can be better soon somehow.

mistyp said...

Glad you have good doctors taking care of her! Looks like you had lots of fun celebrating lately! Your boys are too funny! I still love your hair cut, too! :)