Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Goodbye Lizzie

For the past few months or more our cat Lizzie has decided that the litter box is not her thing and that the carpet in the basement is a much nicer place to do her business. Well I don't know about you, but cleaning cat poop out of my carpet on a daily basis is not my idea of fun. With all of Eden's issues and the boys I don't have the time or energy to figure out why she won't go in her box anymore. So last night after some thought we decided to take her to the animal shelter. We had a talk with the boys about what was going to happen that went something like this.

Me: We're going to take Lizzie to the pound because she won't poop in her box anymore.

Boys: Ok

Me: That means we won't have a kitty anymore.

Ethan: Yeah. Then we can get a dog!

Well we took Lizzie to the animal shelter today, and no we didn't walk out with a dog. The boys did alright until we walked out without Lizzie and then they broke down crying. Which made me start to cry. They have gotten over it for now, and hopefully Lizzie will find a new home. This had to be done at some point because we can't have cat poop lying around with an immune suppressed child in our future, but still hard.


a.men said...

As hard as it is, you did the right thing. The boys will bounce back soon. Just wait until they start bring you worms and snails and stuff... yeah...

mistyp said...

Don't blame you on that decision. I'm sure it was hard to see them cry though. I'm "mean" and won't let my kids get animals. Briel had a fish in TX, until it died, but we haven't gotten anything since. I don't like cleaning up after animals, either. I loved the cat I had growing up and she lived FOREVER...she died when I was pregnant with Briel...but I have zero desire to bring cat hair into our home again. :)

Jennifer said...

Sounds like our kids when we said Sally had to go, they asked for a cat!