Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Brother

Just now Ethan heard Eden crying and this is the conversation that followed.

Ethan: "Mom, what does Eden want?"

Me: "I don't know."

Ethan: "I think she wants her big brother." "That's Me!"

He and Seth sure do love their little sister. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pittsburg Zoo


Don't feed the bears!

The polar bears were neat to see.

Especially when they got in the water.
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Pymatuning Spillway

The only place where ducks walk on fish!

I don't know why they are holding up their shorts.

Rainbow after all the rain. It was a double one, then it faded quickly.
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Children's Museum in Pittsburgh

Bob the Builder exhibit.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Gravity room that tilted at a 45 degree angle, boy you and lean a lot further.

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Crashed the cousins reunion. They had a roasted pig, got there in time to eat some cheeks and tongue.

Kids for sale!!!

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Summer concerts

Stood outside waiting for the American Idol Concert, but got bored so went to the Today show with John Maer.

Which is where we wanted to go, but we were behind the stage, could see much, so decided after the warmup to head back home.

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Dinner with Nielsens

Evan really loved the cart the French Fries came in.

cheese cake lolipops
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Lady Liberty

Glad no one got sea sick.

Okay now just stand there for a year holding it up.

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Empire State Building

Amazing views from the 86th floor. We could see the Empire State Building from the Apartment we rented.

Even the pigeons were out for pictures.
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I'll lift you to wash your hands. Previously it was pushing up with his head on Seth's bottom but got the camera too late.
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Pizza & Time Square

Pepperoni and Olives - gross

It became breakfast the next day too. Those are some bug slices.

Police on horseback, only in NY
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M&M World

Chocolate heaven - But $12 a pound forget it.

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