Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 10

5:46 PM
Sorry for no update until now, have been a bit tired, and just never got around to it.
Eden continues to do well. They need to bring up her prograff level some, so there is no rejection. We were hoping that maybe one of her JP drains might come out, but it didn't. And nothing really happens on the weekend because most people are off. So hopefully Monday. Tuesdays we are supposed to have some education classes before discharge so hopefully by thanksgiving we will be home. That would make it the best thanksgiving ever. Eden has been climbing around in her crib. Didn't want to try her Macaroni and cheese though. She didn't mind the crackers, there are still crumbs in her bed. I have been busy working on a blog for Utah Liver Families.
Also today got sad news that a long time friend that served mission with dad and was our Branch President in Hong Kong died. Our thoughts and prayers are with William Hsu's family.

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