Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 11

2:39 PM
Nothing on TV. So listening to Pandora.

Well didn't sleep that well last night, neither did Eden. We have requested not to have last night nurse again. Seemed to just take too long, and kept waking us up every hour it seemed, then it would take a while before Eden would calm down again, repeat repeat repeat. So I just got up at 6:30 and Eden was about 7:30. Hopefully a bath in a bit will help her take a nap for a while.
talked to surgery when they stopped in this morning about getting drains out. They are still putting out some fluid. 20 and 50 from the other. He said they would like to take them out at the same time. So crossing fingers for today, but pretty sure by Monday.


Travis said...

Thanks for the continuing updates no matter how small they might seem.

Keep your head up!

The House that James Built said...'s themselves- very outdated, channels- very slim. will be sure to bring some dvds with me after lulu's surgery.

can totally relate on nights like yours last night. sorry. lack of sleep hurts! hang in there! have you seen a show called arrested development? it's hallarious, would be happy to get it to you so you have something quality to view. what about netflix on your laptop? know they have lots of movies on demand...

agree with travis- keep the updates coming. loves to eden girl!!