Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 12

Had a good visit with mommy and Grandma Lai, Aunt Yvonne came up too. Boy was Eden happy. Watched TV and had dinner. Then she was pretty tired. So she is asleep already. Long day.

Well we definitely slept better last night. One crying spout but that I can deal with. Eden is sleeping once again. nothing on TV, so got a movie on, and have been catching up with friends and family on the phone. Erica is supposed to come up sometime. she is doing well, went Christmas shopping yesterday, so must be doing alright. Surgical is supposed to come up today and remove the drain on her right side. the nurse today figured out that the left side probably drains more because she is always facing that way. So maybe tonight turn her bed the other way and the left side will hardly drain and we can get it out. then we can get out of here.


Chandra said...

glad you guys have figured it all out!! :) Love the video of Eden....she's really looking much better!!! : )

Julia said...

you could leave so soon? not 3 weeks like i've heard?
liz (signed in under sis)

Jennifer said...

Wow. She is looking better every time you post pics. Glad to hear things are going so well. Hang in there.


rusty said...

Lai Family,

We were so excited to hear about your wonderful success and short recovery. It was great meeting you and I'm glad to hear and see that you are both doing well. Etienne had his transplant on November 12 of last year, but we didn't get out of the hospital until Christmas Eve, due to all the complications.
Love and success to each of you.
Tresta and the Neil's

mistyp said...

Love her cheeks! She's so cute! Glad she's doing so well!