Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 13

Drains are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One step closer to going home

Another good night, it was going to be bad cause they were going to have to try and flush Eden's PIC line every 30 minutes cause it was not drawing well. Luckily the nurse decided to find out when the cap was changed last, and it had been a while, so that took care of it, and it draws fine, so we could sleep.
Surgical called and said they would remove both drains today :) we just don't know when yet. They want two residents to do it so it can be done at the same time. But one was in surgery so hopefully soon. Just need to know a bit early so we can get Eden loaded up on morphine first.
Other than that not much going on today, Occupational therapy came by and worked with Eden trying to get her to stand up and move around. they are going to look for a walker so Eden can move around. Speech is supposed to come as well and work on eating with her. Doing laundry again so we have clean stuffed animals.


Julia said...

you are a GOOD dad!!
kisses to eden!

Julia said...

Glad the drains are out!! i guess i should be teaching my husband laundry so i don't come home to a months worth. ps he's not a good size match for lulu

mistyp said...

Yay! Hope things continue to go well! Think you might be home for Thanksgiving?

debragaye said...

Aaah so Cute this will be a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! So glad things are going good and drains are out. How are you holding up Doug? You are such a good daddy and husband but who's making the homemade bread with you gone?
Take Care it will be good to have all of you home soon!!