Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 14

Everything looks good for going home tomorrow, cross our finger, knock on wood, and all that good stuff. Everyone is happy with her progress - we attribute to all your prayers, and fasting. Today they took her off feeds for four hours and we tried giving her a bottle. She wasn't opposed to putting it in her mouth and chewing on it, but she didn't really eat any of it. Eden is munching on some Cheetos right now. Johnson's brought mommy up, and Aunt Carrie came too. She brought 2 more monkeys. I think Eden has a monkey for everyday of the week.

Well we are doing good this morning. Mommy is coming up for education today, she should be here soon. Eden had a bath this morning. One of the nurses brought in a toy so Eden is having fun. although her favorite monkey fell on the floor so, he had to go in the closet to till the next laundry day. Eden threw up for the first time in two week, didn't like the nystanton this morning. So we will see what her prograf level is this afternoon since that was one that came back up.
I have been keeping busy doing some shopping online.


Emmy said...

Sorry she got sick. I hope you can all go home soon.

Chandra said...

Praying for Eden to be home tomorrow! She is SUCH a cutie...Her smile makes me melt!

mistyp said...

She's so cute! We've got our fingers crossed! Monkeys are good...everyday of the week! :)

The House that James Built said...

hi sweet erica- yes to tpn, started about a month ago...hope it works as well for lulu as it did eden. she is looking SO great...very encouraging.

rusty said...

We are praying for her to be able to go home Wednesday too. Thanks for keeping us informed. What a blessing you have had no complications. Etienne had his transplant one year ago on the 12th, but didn't go home till Christmas eve. I am very happy for you all. Happy Thanksgiving!

The House that James Built said...

Here's to turkey dinner tommorrow!! please be able to go home! it's never fun being in the hospital-but holidays are particularly hard....she's beyond adorable!