Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 3

Back at RMH doing laundry so Eden can have her stuffed monkey. She has 2 bears a giraffe already in her bed, but monkey if a little more familiar and smaller so she can hold him. Her blood test are looking better, levels are coming down. She is also peeing more. One hour she did 22ml so that is like double of yesterday. Pee girl pee.
Met a friend from Ricks College outside the PICU his baby daughter has been in for the last 12 days because of Swine Flu - it is serious for little ones. There was another family from Erica's parents ward that has been in too because of it. Sad.
We have 3 vases of flowers now in the room - smells wonderful. Thank you!

7:22PM They are doing shift changes right now, so can't go see Eden, here are some photos from a bit earlier.

Erica's Happy Button

Pink Piggies

Do you really have to do that now?


I am not gonna smile

3:37 Pm
Haven't been up to see Eden yet again, but Grandma Lai is here so probably in a bit. I guess the urinalysis came back and it is some blood. The Doctors are not concerned as nothing showed up on the ultrasound. They think that maybe she just pulled a bit on the cathader or something. They will continue to watch the rest of the day.

Erica got her drain pulled out. It hurt, I have the nail marks in my hand to prove it. Pretty wild. I don't want to be there when they pull out Eden's two. Hopefully they give her something to knock her out when they do.

12:25 Pm
Eden decided today was the day to have her breathing tube come out. They wanted just to do some trials today, but while the were working she got one of her hands up underneath and pulled it out. I guess enough is enough and she knows when she is ready. She is doing good, the put some oxygen on, but they think she should do fine, and not have to be back on at all. They removed one IV and the drain that was going down her nose, so not quite so many tangled up lines. She is a little more alert, they are waiting for all the droggy medicine to finish through her system. they said maybe sometime this weekend might be able to hold her. They got the dressings off her stomach. It looks bloody but that is just dried blood mixed in with the glue they sealed her up with. The scar will be pretty much the same as before, now it just goes to the left as well about 4 inches.
This morning however Eden has started to get some blood in her urine. Three possibilities. 1. Could be a blood vessel that has clotted, not likely though as there is still flow. 2. Some bleeding. 3. Just some broken down proteins. They sent off for a urinalysis and will not more this afternoon. Will also know more once ultrasound makes their way up, I guess they are short handed today.

Erica is still hogging the chair which is fine, although she took my fuzzy blanket. they should be taking out her drain today, and then the pain medication ball tomorrow. She has taken well to chicken broth. We will walk down and see Eden together a little later.

9:06 AM
Eden is doing well. Her urine output has gone up a little but about the same. Today they are going to take off the dressing on her tummy. So I will post some pictures a little later. They are also going to try some sporadic breathing treatments today to see how she does with breathing on her own. If it goes well then they will most likely take out her breathing tube tomorrow. Hopefully then she will be a little more alert etc.

Erica is still on liquids today, but hopefully tomorrow be on soft foods. The plan so far is to go home Monday. When I came this morning she was already sitting in the chair. They are going to stop her IV fluid today, she will still have an IV in though for her pain medication. Once she is on some food then move to oral pain medication.


Emmy said...

Thank you again for all of the updates! Hope all keeps going well

Laurie said...

I have been eagerly following all of this (first time leaving a comment)! I'm so glad that Mommy and Eden are doing well!! Our prayers continue.

Laurie (mommy_laurie@Liver Families)

audrey said...

Everything sounds really good Doug! How long before you guys know if the transplant was a success and your "out of the woods"?

Jared said...

I laughed out loud when I read abt Eden pulling out her own tube! It is amazing at even her age she knows what her body can take. Hang in there. Your in the home strech. Love you guys. We'll keep prayin for you.

debragaye said...

Thanks for the updates Doug. Love the pic of Eric and the pain button. She really looks good considering all she has been through. I hurt looking at what Eden has gone through Bless her little heart!!! She will heal quickly and feel so much better. What Troopers!!!!! Give them both a hug from Grandma Gaye. PS loved the snowman the boys made this morning!!!!

audrey said...

Please give Eden plenty of kisses from us all!

mistyp said...

They both look good. :) Thank goodness for the happy button, huh? That would be nice to have one of those for everyday use. lol! :) That's one big scar...poor little princess. Glad things are going well!

Anonymous said...

Ed and I have check your blog a few times while we have been away. We are thinking of you. We hope that everything continues to go well.

Kristin Silva