Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 4

Up in Eden's room, she is doing good, had a bit of a nap so that is a good thing, hopefully she can sleep through the night. The come in to do vitals at midnight and four so I will probably head to bed so I can get some sleep amidst the interruptions.

There is a giraffe on my head, that is so funny!!!

Erica was getting pretty tired, she was still in the chair but I am sure she will be over to the bed soon. Good night.


Just checked out of the RMH and moved all my stuff up to Eden's room.
Eden got moved up to the 4th floor. She is in Room 4002. The tel # there would be 801-662-4002. A way to get a hold of us once Erica goes home on Monday.
She is doing well got a lot of her lines taken out. She just has her PIC line in her left arm and an IV in her right hand. Only thing down her nose is a NG tube which he is used to. So she is a lot happier. Course that might be the morphine they gave her a little while ago. A lot quieter up on the 4th floor only thing is not one on one care like in the PICU.

Erica is doing good, she has a milkshake and grilled cheese for lunch. Better than my navy bean soup and french fries I think. She says she will go for a smoothie for dinner as she is not too hungry.

This morning I couldn't stand the leaky toilet at RMH so headed to Smiths to buy a new valve. Install it tonight.

Got up to Eden's around 9AM. I guess she didn't really sleep much last night, so when I got there she was sleeping, but then rounds began. They decided to take her Foley out so won't quite know her output now. We will measure in grams since the they just weigh the diapers. This morning though in one hour she put out a whopping 65ml, the next hour was 11ml so I guess she got it out. She has started to have some BM so that is good too. Possibility that she will get moved out of PICU today and to the Immune Compromised Unit. If they do that then maybe will loose the room at RMH and stay with Eden.

Erica was up in the chair when I came upstairs, she had some Cream of Wheat this morning and applesauce so she is moving along too. They are going to transition her to Oxycontin today and try to loose the happy button :(


Emmy said...

How nice of you to fix the toilet :)
Thanks again for the update

audrey said...

I am so glad you are with Eden now. We had to stay at a RMH when I was little while my sis had special surgery in another state. They are nice to have around, but it is so great when you get to be with family! And YAY for Erica for getting to drink a milkshake...probably the best one she's tasted in forever!

Chandra said...

Yeah!!! So good to chat with you. Eden and Erica both look good. WoW! Eden is determined not to give you even a smirk, sweet girl! I LOVE THE SHIRTS!!!! I completely laughed out loud! Thanks for the updates!

mistyp said...

Glad to see her smiling!