Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 5

9:09 PM
Time for bed, Erica came up to see Eden again. They had fun. Eden is going to have to put up with dad for the next week, we will see how that goes.

Eden just had her dressing on her pic line changed. She also had to get a new IV today. This time it got put in her right foot.

Dr. Book ~ Eden's regular GI doctor will be back tomorrow. Along with the surgeon. We hope they will both be pleased with the progress the girls have made.

2:47 PM
Mommy came up to see me :)

We have matching IV covers.

Daddy did my hair, don't quit you day job dad.

9:30 AM
Not too much new. Everything is about the same, they made rounds this morning, and things still look good, so no concerns. They are going to start Eden on some food through her NG tube. I help her for a little bit this morning, while the nurse changed her bed. She got some more morphine, and now it is nap time for Eden. She slept really well last night, and I didn't do too bad either. I got up around 6:30. Watched some TV on the computer and then went down to see Erica.
She was up already but it was taking a bit to wake up, she was a bit nauceous so she was having some Sprite and some crackers. I am sure she will give me a call in a bit and want to come up and see Eden. We are holding up well.
The boys were even nice to Grandma and didn't get up till 8. With the time change usually they have been up at 7AM.


Jared said...

Glad to hear things are still progressing nicely. Say hello to everyone and no that we are still praying for you.

Grandma Gaye said...

Sooo Happy everything is going so well. Eden looks so cute with her animals. Smile is back pray things continue to go so good for all of you. Hugs to all from Grandma Gaye

Emmy said...

Love the pictures with the girls smiling at each other!! said...

It is so good to see her smile! We are so grateful everything is going so well. Thanks for keeping us updated!

mistyp said...

Cute girls! Glad you're both doing so well. I'd say daddy's hair job is pretty good. :)