Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 6

7:13 PM
Erica is on her way home. eden was not to happy anytime anyone had to leave her room, so the only way out for me now is when she is asleep. Grandma Lai had fun visiting. Nice break from the boys.

I am a slacker sorry to those looking for updates.
Eden is doing well, many doctors have been by today to check up on her including Dr. Book. She is doing well. They started her on milk though her NG tube and see how she does, start it off real slow show no puking like at home all the time. They did a chest X-ray and everything looked really good. She had a dose of lasix and so that helped draw out more of the fluid her body is holding. Her skin is a little more soft. Other than that she is just resting.
Erica has still been a bit nauseous she did make it down with me to Pathology. We got to see Eden's old liver, it is cut up some but it was neat to see. They have some better pictures in her medical records from just after they took it out. However I had to go to medical records to request those and it can take a bit I will post them when we get them. Erica said not to post the picture we took as not everyone can handle those type of things. Fairly quiet day, just waiting for doctors to write discharge orders for Erica then my mom will come pick her up. Erica hasn't been up to see Eden yet, but should be by in a hour maybe. Saying goodbye will be tough. When Erica was talking about going back downstairs yesterday Eden did not want her to go, she started getting upset even before she said good night.


Emmy said...

She looks so happy!

Jenn said...

Eden looks fabulous!

debragaye said...

All Smiles What great pics. So happy all is going so well!

mistyp said...

Cute pics! I love her cheeks! I'm just catching up now on all your posts. My cousin had some family issues and I've been helping haven't been on the computer in days. We were still praying for you though!!!!

Chandra said...