Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 8

I love to hear mommy and my brothers on the phone :)

Hello ?

I sleep in funny positions.

Eden is finally up, although it was a bit of a struggle she didn't want to get up yet. So got some water and gave her a bath. She is more active now. Some liver friends sent her a big bow so did her hair. She is too cute. Thanks Lizzie.

The Price is Right :)
Well glad that someone is still sleeping. We tried to go to bed around 9PM last night but it was more like midnight before some restless sleep. Eden had several crying spots and moving sleeping positions. So asked for some more pain med for her so she could sleep. She was up a bit at 4 when they did her vitals but now is sleeping peacefully. So I have been able to go eat and take a shower already without any crying.


mistyp said...

Glad she's finally sleeping. That's got to be rough for her...and you.

debragaye said...

Aaaaah so cute!!! What a cutie! she looks like she is losing some of water gain Things are looking good!

Jennifer said...

So cute and happy!!! She looks good.

Emmy said...

Very cute pictures! She looks like she is moving right along.