Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 9

7:21 PM
Mommy came up to visit along with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Eden was eating it up. She was such a ham. Daddy was mean though and said 'bye bye' before mom left and Eden started getting all teary eyed. Occupational therapy brought a big red mat so Eden can get down. She also got a high chair too. mommy brought up some Mac and Cheese so we will try that tomorrow.


A better night only one crying spout at 2AM other than that pretty quiet. She has been happy all morning. Is is having fun right now sucking on Cheetos. The doctors said she can eat anything she is willing to try, so maybe a little applesauce later on. See how she does.


J&J said...

Very nice! It's so good to see her smily face. :)

Jo Lynn said...

I know you don't know me, but I read London's familys blog and they posted about your sweet daughter today and I'm so so glad to hear all went well!!! That's wonderful, you have a beautiful little girl and I love to see her smiling!

The House that James Built said...

lulu is a lover of cheetos as well. eden looks fabulous!! must be becoming quite the daddy's girl if she wasn't already. glad to see what amazing parents she has. i am more hopeful about lulu's surgery after following your blog. thank you for sharing her with me. loves to eden and your family! xoxo lizzie