Friday, December 18, 2009

the things they do that drive me crazy and make me smile after a while.

So even after several warnings that Santa is watching and a few "phone calls" to the North Pole the boys have still managed to do a few things to drive me crazy the past few days and earn themselves a place on top of the naughty list.

First last night I asked them to go upstairs and get their pajamas on. They were upstairs by themselves for about ten minutes while I was giving Eden her medicine and getting her ready for bed. I went upstairs to find them in the tub with water all over the floor and then Seth got in the tub with his shirt and undies on. I didn't get a picture of this one but just imagine water everywhere and soaking wet clothes.

Then this morning Ethan came downstairs with toothpaste plastered to his head and silly mommy that I am I washed it out. What does he decide to do? Go upstairs and rub more toothpaste in his hair.

Finally to top it all off the sweet dears found a couple markers that got left out this morning and decided to draw all over the back of a chair, on part of our couch and on the wall. They were washable markers at least. Last time they drew on the couch they chose a permanent marker. They were very eager to help clean up after I told them Santa was watching them and they even went down for a nap without any complaints. Hopefully they will make their way back onto the nice list before Christmas.

The things they do frustrate me at times and test my patience, but I have come to appreciate the fact that they are healthy and happy and able to get into trouble like this. Though sometimes I wish they would listen a little bit better. :)

Mug shot of culprit #1

Culprit #2 hiding behind said chair.

Just some of the damage done.

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Emmy said...

Good thing Santa is watching this time of year. :)
And good thing you have such great patience!
I like your new layout.