Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Months Post-Transplant

Eden is now officially twenty months old (as of the 6th) and two months post transplant today. She continues to do very well. She is going everywhere and this past week finally figured out how to go down the stairs. She is still not talking but shows me in new ways each day that she definitely understands what we are talking about. Oh and she has started with the temper tantrums a little early so I can only imagine what the terrible twos are going to be like with her.
As far as eating goes she is still not eating much, but we are continuing to work with Kids Who Count weekly and will be having an evaluation for outpatient feeding therapy on the 20th.

All in all life is starting to feel a bit more normal. I am so grateful for where we are today and for the many people who have helped us get here. Our great families, neighbors, and friends and all of Eden's wonderful doctors and nurses up at Primaries. We love to see them up there especially now that we are only going for short visits. :) Right now she only has to go back every two weeks and before long just once a month. Can you imagine that?

This is a picture of all of her meds that she takes every morning. She gets about half of those at night as well. I can't wait for the day when she only has one.

Aunt Carrie came to visit this Friday and we had some fun with curlers. They didn't last long enough to dry well so no cute after pictures.

And just now as I was typing this post she reached up and pulled the whole bag of goldfish crackers off the table. As you can see she wasn't to pleased that I wanted to takes a picture of her with her mess.


Deanna said...

Eden looks wonderful!!! We are so thrilled she is doing so great post transplant.


mistyp said...

I won't complain about the few allergy meds I give my kids every night. Cute curlers! Holy fish mess, too! :)