Monday, February 1, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

DISCLAIMER: I don't by any means think Seth is a wimpy kid, but then he does like the cozy things in life.

So Doug has been reading these books called Diary of a Wimpy Kid that he got for his classroom. At one point the main character Greg finds an old bath robe that his mom put in a box to go to the thrift store and starts wearing it around the house.
Well the other night we went to check on the boys before bed and found this.
Seth had found an old bathrobe of mine that I had put in a box to go to DI. He slept with it for several nights until like Greg's dad Doug took it away from him.

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mistyp said...

That's funny. I've been reading those books with my cousin's little boy, who I've been helping tutor. Funny stuff! :)