Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Few Random Pictures

Just a few random pictures from the last month.

These two can fight on and off all day long, but I guess at the end of the day it doesn't matter when you see them snuggled up together like this. If you happen to be wondering they do have beds, but I guess the floor is more comfortable.

Goggles are fun!

Yummy chocolate frosting!

Playing our Nintendo's on Papa's lap.


mistyp said...

Love the pics! Eden is tooooo cute!

Belinda said...

They are just too cute! All of them! LOL
Did any frosting actually make it INTO Eden's mouth........or did she just "taste"? LOL
Belinda - LF

Emmy said...

Love it when they are kind and nice... makes it all worth it.

Cute pictures

Janene said...

Your kids are so cute! Eden looks happy and great. I'm super glad Lydia didn't get menagitis. I love the picture with you and Dr. Book and Tricia. I agree that we are very blessed to have such great doctors who take good care of our sweet little ladies.

Hua said...

Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures. I hope all is well and that things are going great.

Take care,

Director of Blogger Relations