Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Eden Update

This past Monday Eden had another uneventful check up at Primary's. My favorite kind of visit. Her labs show that all of her liver numbers remain NORMAL!!! Plus she grew 2.5 centimeters in the past month. She continues to amaze me with the new tricks she learns. She likes to climb over the back of the chair in our living room onto the pile of blankets behind it. Plus three times now she has climbed the boys ladder to their top bunk. Thankfully she has yet to climb out of her bed, but I suppose that is only a matter of time.


Emmy said...

Yes uneventful appts are the best :)

So happy she is doing so well

Nathan + Gemma said...

It is so wonderful to hear of Eden's progress! What a miracle, we hope you are recovering well also!

Sandy said...

Yeah Eden! keep on growing and getting into things.Grandma can't wait to see you in April, and everyone else, too.

mistyp said...

Yay! Glad things are going so normal!!!! :)

Janene said...

Yeah!! I am sooo glad she is doing so great. I hope you and her just continue to get better and better.