Saturday, February 6, 2010


These boys of mine can really drive me crazy but they do keep me laughing. Here's a few of their funny antics from this past week.

After finding that they had yet again drawn on one of the couches. (You may remember my post from a few weeks back.) I asked the boys when they were going to learn that they aren't supposed to draw on furniture? Ethan's reply - "When we're five year olds." You've got five months guys!

Yesterday we were at the grocery store and walking by some magazines when Seth asked me, "Mom can you buy me a magazine so I have something to read while I'm in the bathroom." Luckily no one was close by to hear that one, but if someone did hear I hope it made them chuckle because I sure did. And no I didn't buy him a magazine. We have enough reading material at home, but maybe for his fifth birthday. Then he can draw in the magazine instead of on my furniture.

Then last night out of nowhere Seth says, "Our baby is named Eden Elizabeth, but I like to call her Bongo." No idea where that came from. Poor girl. Your brothers love you dearly but you may have to deal with some brotherly torture as you grow up.

And the final funny of the week happened the other night when it was Ethan's turn to say the prayer before bed. He was a little hesitant so Seth agreed to help him. They got through the usuals, please bless our family and thank you for this day... Then Seth whispered in Ethan's ear, "Please bless Jesus." Ethan was obviously thinking about something else because he said, "Please bless Cheeses so we can go to Chuck E Cheese's" Seth didn't disagree with that, but tried again at whispering, "Please bless Jesus." After which Ethan again said , "Please bless Cheeses." They went back and forth like this until Doug and I couldn't hold it in anymore and cracked up laughing. I guess they really want to go to Chuck E Cheese's, but I don't know that they deserve a trip if they keep writing on my furniture.

Here's a picture of my silly boys "Hamster" hunting with Papa in his front yard. There were paths all over his yard where moles had been digging under the snow. I'm not sure what they were planning to do if they found one, but luckily we didn't have to find out.


mistyp said...

Those boys are so cute! That's great they can keep you laughing with all the trouble they get into!! :)

Belinda said...

Why don't you do a star chart and let the earn Chuck E Cheese's for great work with NO drawing on the furniture? Just an idea?
Great boys though, you gotta love boys with spunk, and these boys have REAL spunk! LOL
Belinda - LF

Emmy said...

Lol! This is awesome.

Sounds like life will be good for you when they are five ;)