Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back in the hospital :(

Friday night Eden started to get a fever. We gave some Tylenol and watched her through the night. In the morning she was still warm, and has had a cough and runny nose so decided to take her to Utah Valley to get blood work done to see what was going on. She was not very lively like she usually is. Erica and Eden spent quite a bit of time in the ER before getting a room on the 4th floor. Luckily Eden Perked up and was feeling better. We thought Eden would not like the plastic barriers in the cribs there but she was having fun. She likes to rub her head on them and make funny faces smooching her nose.

Seth also got to go to Instacare yesterday as he was breathing kind of hard in the morning and had a croupy cough. He got a liquid steroid and is sounding a lot better.


The House that James Built said...

love her! so glad it wasn't more serious!! wish i could have gone to that concert but we were in vernal seeing our donor family and for a benefit concert there.

Emmy said...

Glad she was able to make the best of the situation, that picture is too cute and funny