Friday, April 9, 2010

A New Liver For Lydia And A Little Eden Update

On Wednesday this sweet little girl got the gift of a healthy new liver from her Momma. As far as I know everything went well and they are both doing well. Our prayers are with them that they will have smooth uneventful recoveries. I can't wait for her family to see her change into a healthy happy toddler over the next few months.

Now onto my Eden update. I know I've been lacking in updates lately but life has been pleasantly uneventful. At Eden's latest check up a few weeks ago I was told that they can no longer feel her spleen. Which, for those of you who don't live in liver land, is a very good thing. It is a sign that her body is healing and starting to do what it is supposed to. Along with this good news we were able to lower doses on a few of her meds and completely stop a few others. Dr Book mentioned that she is almost ready to start going three months between visits soon. She hasn't gone that long between appointments ever considering this whole process started when she was two months old.

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The House that James Built said...

eeeds looks so good!! love the french frie pic! i know you are Y we may have to meet in the middle somewhere :) lol. if lu wanted to go to byu we'd let her, although she does have scholorship money that is only good for use at the U. (from a rich great uncle, would turn in his grave if lu went to the Y--he is specific for use ONLY at the U) funny man.