Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dash for Donation Registration - Sugarhouse Location

August 14th 8am
$20 for each team member. Get a shirt and donations go to Utah Donor Registry.We can be team "Utah Liver Families"
Wondering if we want to get a team together for the 2K walk so the kids can do it too. They also have a 5k run for those interested.
Please leave a comment if interested.

A 5K run, titled "Help Hayden Heal", will be held July 17 in Pleasant View, Utah. You can mail in your pre-registration forms to: Help Hayden Heal, P.O. Box 13407, Ogden, UT 84412-3407. The runners will pick up their packets and any pre-registration stuff will be done that morning from 7am - 7:45. Then the run will begin at 8am, following the run will also be a silent auction.

The registration donation is $30 per person, however you can register in advance for only $20. A registration form can be downloaded from Hayden's web page -


daniel21 said...

me and pam would want to do a 5k run

Julia said...

lol...i was half asleep when i did that post last night...hence typo's and run on sentences. the LAIS are back in business...

The House that James Built said...

yes, interested--in either. and erica I LOVE YOU. the cream is a GOD send. i think it's what will keep us tubeless. she will not keep it in, period. we were putting it back down almost everyday and figured we couldn't keep doing this to her. so books office said to do our best without and we'll track her growth. she'll be a fatty soon enough. i've put it in her water (which she loves) and its practically tasteless! yayaayayayay. burden eased....xoxo