Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Most expensive Scout Camp

Planned a fun camp for the Boy Scouts going to the Spanish Fork Airport. We got to see planes, and talk to pilots. they completed their Aviation merit badge. In the morning we got to do some GPS work, launch paper rockets, and made model planes. Then loaded up and headed back home. We get back and the other leader asks who hit my car? What I didn't get hit. Walk around to the other side and saw this. Yeah somebody clipped me with a trailer one their way out and didn't leave a note. Went and got estimates yesterday and come in at between $3200-$4500. I guess i should be thankful I have insurance and it doesn't count against me since it was a hit and run. Not the way I want to spend $500 though, paying the deductible.

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Jared said...

yikes that sucks! Speaking of expensive scout caps we are paying 335/ boy this year! ouch!