Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Primary Activity

The boys had fun at a Primary activity they got to throw darts, eat cotton candy, and throwing pies at the Bishop. The boys got some fish as a prize, but unfortunately they died a couple of days later.

Lasik at Hoopes

We have been thinking of having Lasik for a while now. So we went for a consultation and got funky eyes. I have since had surgery and have 20/15 vision. Erica will do later in July.

Eden Turned 2

Fossil Shack

I have a friend that works with fossils. We went up to take a look at some of the things.

Erica's Birthday

Erica made her own Birthday Cake! It was a good thing too. Chocolate cake with cheesecake in the middle and chocolate frosting. It was great.

Pink Glasses

Aunt Carrie bought be some fun glasses.

Sleepy head

Ethan was sleeping behind the couch.

Potty Time

Eden has been training herself. When we get her in there she usually goes. She is pretty excited to be wearing pullups now. And just like dad and her brothers she likes a good book.

Ricks College Friends

Rachel and Cameron came out for a visit on their way back from Idaho where Cameron got to speak to student there.

Johnson Family Reunion

Judy and Crystal

Kathleen and Aunt Rita


Katie, Noah, and Angie

Snakes in the garage

So while I was at Scout Camp Erica found a snake in the garage. Her father had to come up and help take care of it. Then Sunday when I was back I saw another one sticking its head out of the garage door. Needless to say he has been taken care of too. Hopefully it was just two of them, and this doesn't turn out like Indiana Jones. I don't think I dare take off the bottom of the garage door and see what falls out.

Looks big but was only about 13 inches.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Super Clark

Super Clark has gone to his Heavenly home. His battles are over now.
Peace at last.
He has fought the good fight.