Sunday, October 17, 2010

Disney Land 2010

Okay it has been a busy summer and with school starting we never got somethings put up on the blog. So I thought today we would.
We spent 5 day at Disney Land and California Adventure Park which were fabulous. The highlight was because we went with Eden. She had a special pass that allowed us to walk up to the exit line and go on the ride. Because it only allowed 6 and we had seven because my parents went they allowed us to do rider switch so that most rides the kids got to go twice on.
We had a lot of fun with Mickey and the gang.
It was funny to see how Grandpa Lai could fall asleep anywhere too.

Mickey Mouse,
his house is deceiving, you think it is not that big but is goes on forever.


Classic Picture
Jedi Ethan
Bug eyes
Two sets of Twins
We road it but the stationary ones
Woody! The boys didn't want a picture though
Cinderella, had to see all the Princesses
Nap Time

Dumbo with Grandma
Mr. Toads
I think I can.
The Castle

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Jared said...

Looks like way too much fun! Glad to see the pics! miss you guys!