Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Hong Kong 2010

For Christmas this year we headed to Hong Kong. This was the first time we were able to go to Hong Kong with everyone including Eden. Our visit pretty much consisted of eating out at various restaurants. We did do some sightseeing though.

Our adventures began long before we made it to Hong Kong, though, with a delay in San Francisco for a day due to fog. We decided to make the best of it and went to visit Rachel Fernsten and her family. While we were visiting Rachel we went to see the Oakland Temple all lit up for Christmas. It brought back great mission memories for Douglas.

Hanging out at Rachel's moms.

Go Vikings

Back on the plane all tired out.

Finally on Hong Kong and enjoying some time swimming with grandma.

We went by the walk of stars and had to find Bruce Lee's.

While grandma and Mommy were watching the Nutcracker we went to one of the arcades that we used to go as kids, Jumping Gym USA. The boys had fun playing, but it was Eden that put in only one coin that hit a jackpot, and scored major tickets. She got a bunch of Hello Kitty marshmallows.

Hong Kong has a Noah's Ark! This thing is really amazing. It is a life size replica of Noah's Ark done by a Christian family in HK. They have even done research trips to try and find the ark. Amazing story.

On the hydrofoil

It's Huge!
Look at the camera Eden. :)

One of the major themes at the Noah's Ark is double headed animals. They had quite a collection.

It can eat twice as fast.
Hey I know those bears.

We sat watching the snakes for quite a while, those mice were crawling all over. But I guess the snakes were not hungry.

King of the world


We even brought reindeer food so the reindeer would know where to find us since we weren't home.

We went to see an awesome dinosaur show. They had all of these fans that blew up the plants so it looked like they were growing and the dinosaurs were life size. It was awesome.

Roar!!! As you can tell by her face, Eden wasn't a big fan of the dinosaurs roaring at her.

We had lunch with Doug's friend Jordan Baggs.

We also had lunch at the Cricket club with one of Doug's friends from Sha Tin College Amit Hira and his family.

Hmmm. dried sea horses.

Lunch with some of Erica's friends from her mission Jessica and her husband Jack, and another friend Kathy.

Then we met up with another friend from Erica's mission, Emily, at a Charlie Brown restaurant.

We had a big family dinner at a Japanese BBQ onthe night of our 7th anniversary. We found out Seth and Ethan have very expensive taste buds as they ate nothing but Kobe beef. . Ethan had a bit too much, though, and threw up later on. We also tried some fried blowfish. It was a great dinner.

Doug with Uncle Bruce and Esther.

Great Grandma Lai!

Aunt Winnie

Great Grandma and Yeh Yeh.

We headed to Macau for a day to tour the sites and watch a show at one of the casinos. Great Grandma Lai was well prepared for any kind of weather. She had on a turtle neck, an under shirt, a vest, a coat and two pairs of pants.I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt for the trip. We definitively a different definition of cold.
In front of the ruins of the old Catholic church which the Portuguese built.

Got Daniel to kiss the Pigeon head while Pam was away, and then he kissed her, we had a good laugh.

Not much of an airport in Macau.

The Macau Tower. You can bungee cord off of it if you like. Not me.

Taking a break to exercise at the park.

Mango!!! Fresh Mangos!!!


Had to try out the gambling. Macau does three time what Las Vegas does.

The old church wall.

The pineapple casino. Lis Boa.

Erica's Poh Poh. Whom she taught while on her mission. She knitted all the kids a hat.

I want one.

The new Baked Pork Bun.

Who knew that McDonalds delivers.

At the Ark there were some funny signs, we made a collection from all over Hong Kong.

Even traveling they like to snuggle up together in bed.

Nice Hair!

How to occupy Eden at Church, Stickers!

Eden the Nativity.
And shopping... She got to push her own mini cart.

I guess every year for New Years day by Repulse Bay there is an Asian type polar bear plunge. People go swimming from one beach to another. We saw several people have to get pulled out of the water. It was just a little crazy. There were even some older folks doing it too.

Love the lights on the buildings.

And our time is through, time to go back home and back to reality.
By the time we went home Cam was out visiting Rachel so they met us at the airport and we had lunch at TGI Fridays in the airport.

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