Friday, September 16, 2011

Ashynn at 4 Months

Here is Ashlynn at 4 months old. She is getting so big.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clean up your room!

 Last night we told Eden to clean up her room. Well when we went upstairs to check we found a spotless floor. Where did all that stuff go?

 On her bed. I guess she took us literally when we said to pick up her floor.

 Silly girl.

And silly boys.

Beautiful Baby

 Ashlynn taking her turn in the highchair the was used by my dad, aunt, unlcle, my cousins, myself and brother and sister and now all of my kiddos have used it at least once. Not bad for a 70 year old high chair.

 What a sweetie she is.

First Day of Preschool

Eden started preschool this year. She gets to go to school with Daddy two days a week. So far she loves it. Hopefully she doesn't tell too many stories to her teacher.

TuTu Fun

 Why settle for one tutu when you can wear three.

Ashlynn at 3 Months

 She is always smiling.

Of course Eden had to get in on the action.

15 Year Anniversary of the Liver Transplant Program at PCMC

 Dr Book and her transplant kids.

 Eden and Lulu with her mom Lizzie.

Dr Molly with Awesome Evan and Eden.

All tucked in.

 We went in to check on Eden before going to bed and this is what we found.

Yellowstone National Park

 Old Faithful

 Oooh, Ahhhh

 Had to get a picture of this one. :)

 Buffalo hanging out at the sauna. There was a baby in that group.

 The Tetons

Ashlynn was there too though she'll never remember it.

Johnson Family Reunion

 Roasting "Smarshmellows"

 Enjoying the fresh air and snoozing with daddy.

 Going on a hike with papa.

 Jeff, Ashlee, Aunt Kathleen, and Aunt Crystal

 Aunt Susie

 Uncle Jason, Eden and Kitty

 Ashlynn in a makeshift crib.

 Going for a ride with uncle Jeff. I think she's excited.

 Aunt Kathleen taking the Seth, Ethan, and Hunter for a ride.

 Peek A Boo

Grandma snuggling with Ashlynn.