Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Niagra Falls, Lake Erie, and Pymatuning

 Niagra Falls

 Monkey Boys

 Alyssa and Eden

 Eden, New York. We had to get a picture of this plus it is the hometown of Dr Molly O'Gourman one of our favorite GI doctors at Primaries.

 Playing on the beach at Lake Erie. Kaylee was kind enough to let the kids bury her in the sand.

 Digging in the dirt.

 Uncle Jim with Hayden and Alyssa.

 There was a lot of dye in the frosting.

 My monkey boys and Kaylee.

 After the day at Lake Erie we spent the night at this fun little bed and breakfast. They didn't have a portable crib so Ashlynn slept in a drawer.

 Pymatuning, where the ducks walk on fish.

 Yes those are really all fish.

 Getting ready to toss some bread to the fishies.

 Sampling the bread before feeding the fish. Gotta make sure its safe.

Great Grandpap Hemmis had a slushy. It was blue if you couldn't tell. :p

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