Thursday, October 20, 2011

The funny things they say.

Eden: "Where did we come from?"
Me: "We lived with Heavenly Father and Jesus before we came to earth."
Eden: "So we came here on a space ship."
While looking at herself in the mirror tonight Eden declared, "I'm a teenager." I have no idea where that one came from. I am not ready for teenagers yet.
Eden this morning, "Look what I found in Ashlynn's nose." do I really need to tell you to keep your fingers out of your sisters nose?
Eden insisted on putting on some of Doug's deodorant earlier today and well now she smells like a man.
 Ashlynn was making a lot of noise so I told Eden she was talking to her. Eden's response... "She's speaking Spanish." :)
Earlier today Ethan held up three fingers like a W and told me W stands for winner, and then he held up his forefinger and thumb like an L and told me L stands for almost a winner. :)
 "Can I pet the baby?" Eden
 "My daddys the best, and he's my friend. Your my friend to mom." Eden
"I'm the best too mom. Uh huh." Eden
"Dinosaurs don't like pajamas." So Eden tells me anyway.
 Tonight my boys ate 200 US dollars worth of steak. They have some expensive taste buds I think.
"Mom, Ethan swallowed his coin last night" I just hope he doesn't set off the metal detector at the airport later today.
 seth "sporks are awesome"

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