Monday, March 12, 2012

More Kidisms (one day I'll write a real post again. :)

"Yumm, Mom this is good. What's that green stuff?"
"It's called Kale."
"Kale is good." Seth and Ethan
Miracles do happen. ;)
Thank you daddy for making yummy soup.

For the second time today Eden has come downstairs smelling very minty. It seems she has decided toothpaste makes a great hand soap.
I've caught Ashlynn, several times now, sucking on one of the plastic child safety plugs that she had pulled out of the outlet. So much for being child proof. She seems attracted to those outlets. The other day the big kids moved the ottoman and she went straight for the outlet it was hiding. Silly little girl.
We now have Ashlynn trained so that when she hears Skype ringing on the computer, she perks up and crawls over to see who daddy is talking to.
Don't forget about Eden's need to use my deodorant. Thank goodness Erica has a non odor one that Eden can use now, so she doesn't smell like a man.

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