Sunday, April 8, 2012

Adventures In Parenthood

Warning: This is a little gross but someday I'll look back and laugh about this experience so here goes.

Tonight as I was getting ready to give Eden and Ashlynn a bath the grossest thing happened. I had started the water so Eden climbed in the tub, and I left Ashlynn standing next to the tub while I stepped into my bedroom (attached to the bathroom) to get my pajamas on. While I had my back turned to change, Eden got out of the tub to use the potty. So when I turned back around I saw Eden sitting on the potty doing her business and Ashlynn with her hand between Eden's legs playing with Eden's pee pee as it trickled down. Ewww gross. Yes Ashlynn was quickly sanitized and all is well.

On a happier note, Ashlynn broke her first tooth this past week and also learned how to climb the stairs. She is still the sweetest happiest baby. We love her.

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