Thursday, June 28, 2012


There was a Harry Potter exhibit, and And Warhol Exhibit at the museum, of course this is the only photo you could take.
Stayed at the Marina Sands hotel. It has three pool up on the top floor that makes it look like a boat on top of the building.

Wide windows that let you overhang a little. 
Went to the Zoo, Grandma lost her phone in the taxi :(

They also do a night safari which was really cool to see the animals at night. 

We went to Universal Studios, Singapore was the first to get the Transformer ride. It was pretty cool. 

Riding Jurassic Park rides.

Time to go Madagascar.

The Mummy

Battle Star Glattica, Mom was the only one to ride. 

Brazilian BBQ in the mall. 
Most morning we just had stuff from the 7-11 store there. 

The cable cars to Santosa had an Angry Bird theme.

Saw an aquarium, they had a port int he tank, that fish could swim out of, but all the water did not, pretty cool. 

Dolphin show, unfortunately Eden started getting a fever, so we tried to cool her down, hard to do in Asia with the heat, and humidity. 

Had to try the foot spa, pretty weird. 

Amazing view from up top.

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