Thursday, April 25, 2013

more kidisms because I love them :)

So on our way to preschool we stopped at grandma and papa's house to say hi. Papa started telling some stories about his grandparents. While he was doing this Eden leaned over to grandma and whispered, " grandma, he's always telling stories." :)

Seth : "I'm sick of candy.
Ethan: "yeah I ate too much."

So Ashlynn and I were following Seth and Ethan upstairs as they were armpit farting Mary had a little lamb. A few seconds later, after I set her down, I found her with her hand in her armpit. No No No don't let those boys influence you sweet little girl.

"Something's stuck on the piano keys. It's probably ear wax." Ethan

 I Found Eden asleep on the couch this morning with all of the lights on. The reason.... She is convinced she saw a kitty in her room last night and now she won't go back in there.

 A sign your four year old may be a difficult teenager.
"Your the meanest parents ever. I don't like it when you tell me what to do."
I can always pull the I gave you a third of my liver card right?

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