Monday, February 10, 2014


These girls love their pickles. They were sure excited to pick out the gallon size jar of pickles at SAMs. They get to enjoy them all by themselves to since the boys won't touch them. 

A Helmet for Ashlynn

The kids got out of school early on Wednesday. What did they do with their free time? Play with card board and make armor of course. 

Seth made Ashlynn a helmet and arm guards. Silly kids. :)

Eden's Kindy 500

Each year the kindergarteners hold the kindy 500. Where they drive around in cardboard cars they've made and learn some Facts about the US. Eden drove her Valentine Express. :)

Cub Scout Fun

Seth and Ethan celebrated the opening of the Olympics at pack night earlier this week with their own opening ceremony!

Curly Sue (Eden)

Eden has been begging me to curl her hair for months now. Well I finally got some curlers so late Saturday night we tried them out. 

Feeling a little silly. 

Right after taking them out.

Look at all those lovely curls.

The final results and one happy girl. :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

BYU vs. San Francisco

It was fun to go out and see the Cougars play. The boys especially liked it as they are playing city league right now. Eden on the other hand was a bit tired and bored and asked Erica to make sure we never did this again. Ashlynn was good for the most part. But then got restless. I gave her my phone which kept her busy until she finally just crashed. One second she was playing the next she was out. Best part besides winning was getting some cougar tails to take home for breakfast. Three times the regular maple bar size. Mmmmh.
Out cold
The flag
Cosmo on stilts!

Ashlynn dancing in the row behind
Styles family
Nose bleed seat! Oh yeah. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Painting with grandma.

Eden has been begging to go grandmas to paint her bird house for months now. So last Thursday we finally went. The girls had a great time. You can't really see it in this picture but Ashlynn had just as much paint on her belly and arms as her rocks. My favorite part was when Eden started to get mad at Ashlynn for painting on her finished bird house and Ashlynn patted her arm and said, "It's ok Eden."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The terrible terrible twos!

I was that mom in Walmart yesterday with the screaming two year old. She was so loud I got a few looks and I even had one lady come ask me if she could help me. The reason she was screaming??? She didn't want me to push a shopping cart. 

I guess all that screaming really wore her out. Me too!

Poison control x 3

So I called poison control for the third time for this little girl. This time she drank half a bottle of Chanel no 5. It was a tiny bottle so she only drank a 1/4 of an oz at the most. The nice guy at poison control assured me that kids have to drink a lot of perfume to become intoxicated. Phew! She smells pretty good anyway.