Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Break Day 3

We went to the BYU homecoming parade. Aunt Isabella passed out candy. She was part of 100 women. Lots of candy and then to the bookstore. We got some new hats. We will get together  with everyone at Bombay House for dinner. 
Kennedy was ready

Lots of Cougar runners, maybe next year.

Marching band!


Baby Nora

Aunt Isabella

Twix in one hand, Sucker in the other

New winter hat

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Break Day 2

Erica and I had a Liver Parent conference up in Park City today. My Aunt Isabella was kind enough to watch the kids for most of the day. They got to go to JDaws for lunch, and then the Bean museum, and the creamery for ice-cream. Ashlynn was not the biggest fan of the tiger's and lions. 
We got to meet several liver doctors from around the country. Some were even from out of the country. Great to see how many people care about our liver kids. There were several parents we got to catch up with. I talked about the newly formed foundation. Progress in the field is happening, they are looking into methods to see if people can be taken off of immunolsuppressants, and there is a new drug going through trials that does not affect the kidneys as much. 

Fall Break

For fall break we stayed in town. We had a lot of yard work to take car of. Aunt Yvonne, and Kennedy came down to hang out. We went and got tapioca drinks, and went to Jakers in Springville.  

700 lb pig


Pumpkin Beetle